ATHLETES from Airecentre Pacers have competed in ten events over the last two weekends.

Four Pacers completed the Haworth Hobble Ultra-Marathon – 32 miles with an incredible 4,396 feet of climbing over moor and fell.

Andy North clocked 6hr 29min 38sec, Nick Jovanonic 6.58.35, Nick Ford 06.58.39 and Steve Tindall 07.50.00.

William Ben finished the Welcome Ultra Punk Panther 32-miler in 6hr 24min, claiming 27th place.

In the Spen 20-Miler, Vince Murphy finished in 3hr 12min 09sec, Graham Turner 3:15:11, Debbie Bland 3:15:12, Jenny Mynett 3:19:06, Lynda Parkinson 3:24:18, Sharon Elms 3:54:46 and Carole Keighley 3:54:46 The club fielded full teams in the closing PECO Cross-Country, with Nick Jovanovic returning 36min 04sec, Adam Johnson 36.42, Paul Grindley 39.20, Mike Jarvis 41.19, Nick Ford 41.20, Chris Hill 42.00, Simon Walker 51.34, Daniel Learmonth 54.22 and Dave Cook 1.00.32.

The other Pacers' team was led by Alex Carey 45.27, followed by Sharon Elms 47.14, Emma Sebright-Pickard 47.21, Carole Keighley 49.18, Amanda Connolly 50.54, Donna Stansfield 53.33, Bernadette Murby 53.52, Jenna Hawkswell 54.09, Liz Churchill 55.09, Heidi Bradshaw 56.35, Catherine Tindall 56.35, Natalie Clarkson 58.17, Susan Hulme 58.32, Liz Cook 1.00.32 and Linda Lofthouse 1.01.42.

Both teams finished eighth in their respective division.

Nick Leathley travelled to Dentdale to run the 14-mile road race, which he finished in 1hr 59min 53sec, while in the St. Helens 10k, Andrew Barrie came home in 45.50 and Josey Hutchinson 51.11.

Five Pacers travelled to the home of British motor racing to run the Silverstone Half Marathon, Joe Wilton finishing in a personal best of 2hr 8min 36sec, followed by Jody Hill 2.20.20, Jane Tesseyman 2.21.10, Jeremy Bristow 2.27.08 (PB) and Andrew Tesseyman 2.27.09.

In the Roddlesworth Roller Multi Terrain, William Woodhead clocked 41min 47sec, and Denis Callaghan 55.55, while Louise Emily finished the Blackpool Ten-Miler in a personal best of 1.59.15.

Five athletes took to the canal paths from Saltaire, with Ruth Murphy finishing the Canal Canter Half Marathon in 2hr 9min 41sec.

In the 10k event, Matt Lines was timed at 51min 41sec, Sheila Thomas 55.16, Jenna Hawkswell 1.01.37 and Amanda Connor a personal best 1.04.24.