OTLEY athlete Sarah Fuller saw her latest bid to complete the demanding ultra race, the Lakeland 100, end in pain and disappointment.

Her preparations had been disrupted by an illness which led to her having to take a seven-week break from running, but she was determined to finish after being forced to retire last year.

The conditions were tough for the runners with temperatures soaring and they remained high at night.

Sarah was kept company by Sharon Meadows (Ilkley Harriers) and was ahead of last year’s time by more than 30 minutes when she approached halfway.

She said: “The long 10 mile leg into Dalemain and the half way was the longest 10 miles ever in the oppressive heat over Gowbarrow fell and eventually into Dalemain.

“I ran out of water and suffered big time and started to feel sick and dizzy and to add insult to injury had to go through some cows who weren’t happy. “ After a break for refreshment the problems started to build up.

“The next seven miles were to be the turning point,” battling Sarah said.

“I quickly began to suffer again in the heat and the nausea and dizziness became concerning..

“My quads all but failed on me in a spectacular display of cramping and pain.

“I was in bits and not only physically, I couldn’t believe it was unravelling in the same place as last year.

“So again I sat demoralised at Howtown, 67 miles into my focus race of the year waiting for the bus of shame.

“I watched people come in and go feeling inadequate and jealous, many of them would go on to finish.

“So it wasn’t meant to be after all which all things considered I shouldn’t be surprised about, but I’m glad I gave it a shot anyway although my feet and quads don’t agree.”

She added: “If I go back for another crack it will be in 2016 I need to take stock and get past this disappointment and focus on something else for a while.”