Leeds Gryphons 3 Ben Rhydding 4

Ben Rhydding produced more thrilling hockey to notch up another North Men's Premier Division win on Saturday in a fast and furious game against the university students.

Elliot Dowley’s outstanding elimination skills soon put the home side on the back foot at Weetwood.

Rhydding who had scored 27 goals in their previous seven games, looked dangerous and composed going forwards.

Some superb defensive work from Will Musgrave, playing a little deeper in this game, kept the possession bouncing back to the front half of the pitch.

Strong hockey from Josh Sykes, Ali Jordan and Andrew Lorimer enabled Rhydding to show the potential their young players possess.

Patient possession resulted in consistent circle entries from Rhydding and creative leading from Harry Sherlock carved the Leeds defence apart time and again.

The goal just had to come and in the end it did: Harry Sherlock smashed the ball past the keeper. Leeds did not get into the circle until ten minutes into the game and even then it was because of a stray pass from Rhydding.

Their equaliser came against the run of play. They took advantage of a counter attack opportunity when a Rhydding forward turned the ball over from a long corner.

The defence, with Danny Foster having another flawless game, were solid and hard to beat throughout. Kieran Borrett’s voracious appetite for the ball meant he dominated the midfield battle and was able to counteract Gryphons’ star player successfully. A Ben Rhydding corner was beautifully converted by Lorimer - brave and low on the far post - to put his side 2-1 up.

A difficult spell of pressure saw the students take a 3-2 lead and goalkeeper David Carter had to display some intelligent goal-keeping until Rhydding got their rhythm back.

Rhydding came back from 3-2 down with a goalmouth scramble from Callum Franks and Musgrave polished the game off with his trademark finishing to seal another Rhydding victory which opens up the possibility of a possible fourth-place finish.