Ben Rhydding 6 Timperley 3 Ben Rhydding secured another three precious Premier League points on Saturday with a comfortable win.

The visitors began well with their big Polish international scoring from a corner to establish an early lead.

The game then became gridlocked for 20 minutes before Andy Clemerson started to supply superb service to his midfield.

A penalty corner was deftly slotted by Will Musgrave which put Rhydding on level terms.

However, Timperley replied from the re-start with a fast break to score and go ahead again.

They nearly stretched this lead further but hit the crossbar from a corner. Rhydding on the other hand, took their corner chances and Musgrave fires another one in to equalise.

Goalkeeper David Carter made a great save while Kieran Borrett and Neil Sugden absorbed any midfield threat.

The second half began in the same tight fashion but the Polish drag flicker made no mistake with the next corner opportunity and thumped it home to give Timperley a 3-2 lead.

Rhydding changed gear and began to put on a show of outstanding attacking hockey.

This began with a beautiful through-ball from Sugden which was neatly trapped by Harry Sherlock who rolled it to the post for Ali Jordan, who had arrived from deep in his own half, to slot home at the far post.

At 3-3 this was a game that was giving the crowd their money’s worth but there was much more still to come.

Skipper, Dave Exley was next on the scoresheet, cleaning up a save after another well-executed corner as Rhydding egded ahead for the first time.

Still looking for corners as their way to score, Timperley were denied by Carter. At the other end, the corner work was immaculate.

Perfect positioning from Harry Sherlock earned him a place on the scoresheet after a text-book spiked deflection to put Rhydding 5-3 up.

The last flurry came from Rhydding, Connor Dowley picking the perfect pass to Josh Sykes who finished things off in style. This victory, takes Ben Rhydding up to seventh place.