Fourteen-year-old Harry Brook has just enjoyed the best period of his burgeoning career.

Last week he scored 252 runs in just three innings at the Taunton Festival to establish a new Yorkshire Schools record for the most runs in a season.

The previous best of 520 had been set back in 1979 by Neil Lloyd, and Brook – the latest member of Burley’s famous cricketing dynasty to make his mark – is already past 600 with six games to play.

On his return from the tournament where he made 126 against Devon, 53 against Worcestershire and 73 in the match with Wales, he was in the limelight again.

The Ilkley Grammar School student top scored with 31 for Burley in their Aire-Wharfe Division One defeat by Otley.

In that match he had the satisfaction of outscoring his dad David, and two uncles Nick and Richard who are all stalwarts of the Burley club.

His performances have certainly attracted attention and next week he will play for Yorkshire Under-16s in their two-day game with Surrey at Weetwood.

His dad David, an opening batsman, is delighted with Harry’s progress and the calm way in which he has adapted to each challenge.

David, who says he will be trying to take time off work to watch Harry’s debut for the Yorkshire under-16s, is thrilled by his son’s progress.

He said: “Harry has always worked hard on his game and practices a lot.

“My father Tony used to spend hours throwing balls down for him before his death last year.

“Harry enjoys working on his game and it helps that he is very calm.

“He doesn’t seem to let things trouble him and I was pleased with what he achieved at Taunton last week.

“He was desperate to get the chance to open the batting and he kept asking the team manager to give him a chance.

“When he put him in first he made a century in his first innings and then made 73 in the next game. They also gave him a bowl and he got a couple of wickets.”

Harry, who has worked his way through all of Burley’s sides from the under-nines to the first team, has great enthusiasm for the game.

He also benefits from having the cricketing knowledge of his dad and uncles to tap into.

His dad is looking forward to the day when they will open the innings together for Burley.

“Judging by how things are going I don’t think it will be too long before it happens,” David said. “When it does it will be something special for us and I know Harry will be able to cope with the pressure that will bring.

“Against Otley last Saturday he wasn’t fazed by facing their Australian opening bowler James Wilcock who is certainly the fastest bowler he has faced.

“He just took it in his stride and played very well.”

He added: “This is turning out to be a good season for Harry. Last year was difficult for him with all the bad weather and he didn’t get going as he would have liked, but this time he has found his form and being picked for the Yorkshire under-16s is a real feather in his cap.”