Pool C of E Primary School is to fence off its grounds to improve security and stop dog fouling – but not until more money becomes available.

School governors decided to vote for the measure after a survey of parents found the majority in favour of fencing off its currently open rear boundary.

In January we reported on how regular dog fouling at the school’s football pitch was causing headteacher Mark McDermid concerns about the health risk to pupils.

Fencing off the school land, which shares an open boundary with the Recreation Ground, is seen as a way of solving the problem but a lack of funds means the school will have to ask Leeds City Council for financial help before it can proceed.

Mr McDermid says the school is also committed to talking to the wider community first.

He said: “The survey of parents found that a high percentage wanted enclosure. The second stage was for the governors to make a decision, and they voted for total enclosure.

“The next stage in this process would be looking at the feasibility and viability of the idea. But there has been a massive, 80 per cent cut in devolved capital for all schools so at the moment we don’t have the funding we need."

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