CRIME has risen by 34 per cent year-on-year in the Shipley constituency, new figures show.

The total number of crimes recorded between April to July this year was 2,841, compared to 2,118 for the same period last year.

The figures for the constituency which includes Burley-in-Wharfedale and Menston, show residential burglaries have risen by 50 offences year-on-year; thefts from vehicles are up by 40; robbery has risen by 14; shoplifting has increased by seven and thefts from vehicles by one. Non-domestic burglaries have decreased by 24 offences.

The Shipley figure is the second highest percentage increase in the district, compared to a 39 per cent increase in Bradford South, 14 per cent rise in Bradford East and eight per cent in Bradford West.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the figures were “a big concern”.

“Rising crime is very worrying,” he said. “These crimes are causing misery in people’s lives.

“Police officers are doing a very good job under difficult circumstances.

“The rise in occurrences of crime is coming at the same time we have increased police numbers. I will always support the police having more resources.”

The report will be discussed by Shipley Area Committee on Wednesday, October 11.

In the report to go before the committee, Inspector Julie Deacon, of Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team, says: “You will be aware that over the past 12 months crime in general has increased.

“However, some of that can be linked to an instruction sent in 2015 to all chief inspectors to reiterate the need to record every crime that comes to police notice, the result being that one incident can result in multiple crimes being recorded which has seen our crime increase in line with crime data integrity.

“It is absolutely right that we adhere to this to ensure an accurate reflection of what is happening in our area.”

The report, by the Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team, also breaks down the crimes of most concern in each ward.

In Bingley, drug dealing around Myrtle Park is a concern, with the report saying 17 offences were recorded between September 2016 and September this year. Of these, five were dealing offences and 12 possession. Increased police patrols have taken place following a rise in residential burglaries, and 48 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have been set up.

In Shipley, rough sleepers, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and speeding dominate. The report says police have handed out a number of dispersal orders.

In Baildon, residential burglaries have been high but police patrols have increased, and 36 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes been set up.

Windhill & Wrose has seen an increase in gang-related anti-social behaviour and disorder, following a shooting West Royd Drive in August.

In Bingley Rural, residential burglaries are a concern. Patrols have been increased and 27 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes started. In Wharfedale, residential burglaries have increased, with 23 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes set up.