A TEENAGER's tragic death has sparked a new road safety campaign near Pool-in-Wharfedale.

Eighteen year old Kate Whalley lost her life after being hit by a car on the A660 Leeds Road, close to its junction with Old Pool Bank, on June 22.

She had been returning to her home on Cragg View, at Old Pool Bank, after completing her penultimate A Level exam at Harrogate Grammar School.

Now Old Pool Bank Safety Group, formed by residents of the hamlet in response to the tragedy, is determined to make the stretch of road safer in Kate's memory.

Signs of progress were seen last week when Leeds City Council installed a Vehicle Activated Sign and advisory 30mph notice near the Bar House Bends.

But the group is pushing for much more than that, as spokeswoman Kathie Griffiths explained.

She said: "Kate's horrible death shook our community but it has brought us closer together and we are determined, through sheer people power, to keep piling the pressure on those who have the ability to make the road safety changes we so desperately need.

"This isn't just about keeping the people who live here safe. We are also thinking of all the walkers, cyclists, joggers, drivers and their passengers who pass our doors - everyone.

"We appeal to drivers to play their part too, to think about Kate and put safety before speed."

The group wants to see the entire stretch of road - which has several hidden junctions - turned into a 30mph zone with speed cameras.

It has been lobbying ward councillors and receiving help from Pool Parish councillors and MP Alex Sobel (Lab, Leeds North West).

Members have also contacted road safety charity BRAKE, the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, and the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, Dee Collins - to ask for improved enforcement.

There have been many previous efforts, by residents and local councillors, to get safety improved on the road.

A year before her death Kate's father, Michael, had warned council and police representatives of the dangers at a community meeting.

The 54 year old, who is backing the campaign, said: "After our daughter's death, and from comments made in a council meeting prior to Kate being killed - that speed cameras would only be considered after a fatality - I find it hard to comprehend we are still in a situation where we are having to argue our case for traffic-calming measures.

"A 30mph speed restriction, which should be extended beyond the corner towards the Otley end, together with speed cameras should have been implemented before now.

"It is only a matter of time before another pedestrian or cyclist could receive the same fate as our daughter.

"To further reduce the likelihood of this, the whole stretch of road leading up from Otley should be 50mph to make it safe for cyclists, families using the Chevin and pedestrians.

"With public support I hope the highways authority will see sense to prevent anyone else experiencing the loss and heartache my family are going through."

The city council is carrying out a series of speed-monitoring and traffic volume surveys along the A660, near the Bar house Bends, before making any decision on the speed limits.

Old Pool Bank Safety Group, meanwhile, will be producing a Facebook page on which to post campaign updates and log incidents.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to send an e-mail to: campaign@oldpoolbankroadsafety.com, or to call 07913 977665 .