A SCHEME which would save Ilkley's threatened toilets is set to go before Bradford councillors in September.

Ilkley Parish Council has agreed a proposal which would secure the future of the toilets in the central car park and Riverside Gardens, and members are now hoping their plan will be approved by Bradford's executive.

The facilities were threatened with closure last year in a swathe of Bradford council cuts. The authority decided to close all but one of the district's public toilets along with other amenities including tourist information centres.

Ilkley Parish Council started looking into the possibility of saving the toilets and earlier this year members were told they had until April 2018 to come up with a plan.

Cllr Mike Gibbons is chairman of the parish council committee which has been looking at ways of saving the public conveniences.

He said: "As a committee we have put forward a proposal that would see the continuation of services in the central car park and riverside gardens."

Cllr Gibbons said it was highly likely the parish council would be the main contributor to maintaining the provision.

He added: "In the 21st century I feel that it is a fundamental requirement that lavatory provision is made within our town for residents and visitors alike. I understand our proposals will be put to the executive meeting in September."

The issue was raised at a meeting of Ilkley Parish Council on Monday where the town's MP John Grogan told the meeting he would be happy to do whatever he could to help.

He described access to toilets as "a basic human need" and said for people with various illnesses it could make the difference between going out or not going out at all.

Bradford Council is seeking to save running costs of £144,600 by closing public toilets in Saltaire, Bingley, Baildon, Ilkley and Haworth.The Council say Ilkley Riverside toilets have annual running costs of £9,000 and the Brook Street toilets running costs of £35,900.

At the end of January, Ilkley Parish Council took the "difficult decision" to raise its precept by 39 per cent to protect the town’s services.