THE POSITIVE side of Brexit is being presented in a fun way in a new book by an Ilkley writer and researcher.

Escape From Camp Europe - 50 Reasons to Celebrate Brexit is the work of Jamien Bailey, who has also presented an array of positive facts about Donald Trump in his book Top Trump in the White House.

Jamien, a graphic designer by background, has been developing board games, card games and gadgets for several years for Boxer Gifts, an international company based in Leeds. As a writer and researcher his current output is around five to six titles per year.

In Escape From Camp Europe Jamien argues we are leaving "dodgy EU audits, undemocratically elected leaders and decision makers, unacceptably high levels of youth unemployment and the inevitability of joining the Euro and ever closer union".

Instead, he says, we will embrace a surge in tourism, revival of the UK fishing industry and probably move forward in our very successful manufacturing industries.

He said: "Although I suggest most of the ideas for the books, we are driven to a certain extent by the dictates of the industry and the publisher. I prefer to be a researcher and writer rather than author, not wishing to put a personal slant on the content of the books that I have written.

"Obviously, Brexit and Trump are big topics and with these books we have tried to give a light hearted look at the subjects backed up by researched facts."

Jamien also plays bass guitar The Undecided, and will be performing at the Burley In Wharfedale festival on August 21.

Jamien's books are Available from the publisher - Books by Boxer,Leeds, LS13 4BS. His other titles include The Absolute Joy of Doing Nothing; Snoring, the Fun, the Facts, the Remedies; and What Women Say and What They Really Mean.