A COUPLE have resorted to crowdfunding in a bid to pay for fertility treatment to realise their dream of starting a family.

Johnny and Victoria Harrison have been trying for a baby for the past eight years, undergoing medication, operations and investigations. They have been through an ectopic pregnancy and IVF which ended with the loss of two embryos.

The couple, who, live on Otley Chevin, and are aged 30 and 32, are trying to raises £10,000 to pay for more IVF treatment.

On their justgiving page they say: "Our amazing consultant thinks it is worth one more shot using donor eggs this time. We were never aware this is where we could end up. That we would have to fund private treatment and consider going abroad for it, but now we do. We just have to raise the funds and find a donor, the sooner the better whilst age is still on our side which is why we are reaching out and asking for help."

Their fundraising is being given a boost by a friend Jude Amos, who is organising a 'Fairy Festival' in Rawdon to help them achieve their dream.

Jude will also be raising money for breast cancer research in aid of another friend Vicki Gilbert who is undergoing skin grafts after having a mastectomy.

The event, at Honeysuckle Cottage, Little London, Rawdon, will begin at 11am on July 15 and will last all day.

Jude said: "I love fairies and each year I try and do a Summer event to raise money for breast cancer research as I have battled with breast and ovarian cancer. Last year we did a summer tea party and when my best friend Victoria asked me if I could help her with fundraising for her IVF treatment I said I would do my festival for her and my friend Vicki Gilbert who is going through treatment now."

She added: "We are all members of St John's church in Yeadon and all our church friends have been rallying round making bunting, baking cakes, creating stuff to sell."

The event will include a best dressed fairy competition, sweets and refreshments, a bouncy castle, teddy bears tea party and a variety of other attractions.

Victoria, said she and Johnny had been "blown away" by the response to their story.

"Going public about our struggle to start a family was a really hard thing to do but people have responded with so much kindness and support we couldn't be more blessed," she said. "We would like to thank Jude, Steve and Liz for organising this fantastic event and including us in it."

She urged anyone considering egg donation to contact Karen Walshaw at LeedsFertility, karen.walshaw@nhs.net and quote HOPE4HARRISON2017."