ADDINGHAM Allotments and Gardens Association's 37th Spring Flower Show has taken place with strong support from local gardeners and the biggest entry ever from the village school.

The event was held at the Memorial Hall, Main Street, on Saturday in dry and sunny conditions.

A spokeswoman for the associations said: "Following last year's record entries it was thought that due to the very unseasonal mild weather this winter entries would probably be down this year due to most of the daffodils in the area having 'gone over' already but no - to our delight, the same number of exhibitors, having scoured the shady depths of their gardens and allotments entered only a slightly fewer number of exhibits. These figures were enhanced by 162 exhibits from the children of Addingham School.

"An upside was that several exhibitors took advantage of the glorious blossoms available this year.

Visitors and exhibitors filled the hall, admired the items on display, enjoyed the coffee morning and caught up with friends. The display of entries was enhanced by a glorious display of that most beautiful of plants, Primula Auricula, put together by Jeff Walbank from his stock and which received many admiring comments. The recently added Art class was very well supported again with 11 entries and the judge, Susan Ross, was very complimentary.

"At the presentation, Chairman Douglas McCowan paid tribute to the loss of Tom Benstead, our previous Chairman, who passed away a short while ago. Tom spent thirty years being involved with all aspects of the association and his family have donated a handsome trophy in his honour for the best in the Orchid class. The trophy was presented by Tom's wife Christine to the winner C Hollings who kindly agreed to his entries being raffled off for support to the Association. This was done by John Bottomley who achieved a great response to his auctioneering banter and had to be restrained from auctioning off other prize exhibits."

Mr McCowan presented the Low Mill Cup to Don Barrett for best vase of 10 daffodils; the Children's Shield to Esme Robson and the Best in Show trophy to J Acomb for her tulips. He thanked everyone, on and off the committee, who had helped with the show.


FLOWERS. 10 mixed daffodils: 1 D Barrett, 2 Southfield Garden Group, 3 J Cooke; 3 trumpet daffodils 1 R Appleyard 2 J Walbank; 3 cup daffodils 1 O Hurst 2 O Hurst 3 C Hindle; 3 multiflowered/double daffodils 1 J Cooke 2 J. Cooke 3 M Pearce;3 miniature daffodils 1 J Walbank 2 J Cooke 3 P Atkinson;

3 multicoloured/bi-coloured daffodils 1 J Cooke 2 J Cooke 3 R Appleyard; 3 cut tulips 1 J Cooke 2 J Cooke

3 J Acomb; 5 cut primulae/polyanthus 1 P Atkinson 2 J Acomb 3 H Acomb; Vase of tree/shrub flowers 1 D Barrett 2 J Cooke 3 S Appleyard; Hellebore 1 stem 1 H Smith 2 H Smith 3 S Appleyard; Violas 2 colours 1 J Walbank 2 S Appleyard; Single stem, any other flower 1 P Atkinson 2 C Hindle 3 D Barrett; Pot or bowl of flowering alpine or rockery plants 1 J Walbank 2 H Edwards 3 J Walbank; Specimen succulent/cactus 1. D Barrett; Container of growing bulbs or corms 1 J Acomb 2 M Pearce 3 D Barrett; Orchid 1 C Hollings; 2 C Hollings 3 A McGowan; Primula in pot 1 J Walbank 2 J Walbank 3 D Barrett; Foliage pot plant 1 D Barrett; 2 C Hollings 3 J Acomb; Flowering pot plant 1. C Hindle.

FLORAL ART. The First Wedding Anniversary 1 A Powell 2 J Carpenter; A Summer Garden 1 J Carpenter, 2 A McGowan.

PHOTOGRAPHY Autumn Glory 1 D Barrett 2 P Severs 3 P Severs; Party Time 1. D Barrett.

ART 1 A Walker 2 M Harding 3 E Fielding.

MEN'S BAKING Chocolate Cake 1 D Thompson 2 R Appleyard; A Loaf 1 R Appleyard 2 M Robinson.

CHILDREN'S CLASSES Reception/Year 1 and 2 Spring flower collage 1 Joe Lynch 2 Heidi Moore 3 Jacob Robinson; Year 3/4 Decorate a flower pot 1 Kian Foster 2 Abigail Jennings 3 Kian Short; Year 5/6 Design a bird table 1 Esme Robson 2 Anna Mulligan 3 Archie Smith.