A teenager was cut out of a car by firefighters as part of a driver awareness and road safety day at a Rawdon school.

Sixth former Will Tomlin was given an insight into the work of the emergency services during the event at Benton Park.

He found himself in the hot seat for a demonstration on his first day back at school after his AS exams, and he said the event had a big impact on him and on fellow sixth formers who found it "educational, emotional and eye opening."

The awareness day was made up of several road safety workshops aimed at young drivers - including presentations from a police motorcycle officer, and a paramedic. Students also hear about the effect of drugs on driving and took part in an experiment showing how speed and reaction time affect breaking distances.

Will said: "We also had the opportunity to listen to two very thought provoking talks giving two different aspects of those who suffer as a result of a road traffic accident, which highlighted that the devastation caused by a car accident not only impacts on the driver and the passengers but also the families of those involved and the emergency services who attend the scene.

"I felt the event was a tremendous success as not only did the workshops provide us with the latest statistics and legal information about traffic accidents but also the Fire Brigade demonstrated the physical effects of a collision and the extrication process.

"Having a driving lesson the day after, I can honestly say that the event made me more aware of my surroundings when out on the road and to think of other road users and not just myself."