AFTER the high drama of the previous week when the Tour de France put Addingham on the map as it streamed through the village not once but twice, the annual village gala might have seemed a little superfluous last Saturday.

In fact the organisers heard over and over again that with the long build-up to the excitement and unique spectacle of the Tour now over, people were glad to have another event to look forward to.

Happily it turned out to be another sunny Saturday in a July to remember.

With the village still covered in bunting and decorations, the parade took to the streets to bring to life this year’s theme of ‘Fun and Games'. The highly competent young band of the 1224 Wharfedale Air Cadets led the parade down Main Street, Addingham Primary school pupils played Twister, the toddlers of the Pre-School Playgroup dressed as ’Hook-a-Duck’ ducklings to win first place, Nursery Rhymes dressed up as the components of Mr Potato Head, whilst the scouts played a land-based version of Quidditch and the Drama Group paraded as the Cluedo characters.

On the Gala Field Paul Jennings compèred. The proceedings opened with the crowning of Emily Mayo as the 2014 Gala Queen, attended by her Maid of Honour, flower girls and knights. Villagers and visitors enjoyed the sunshine seated on straw bales, watched the races and competitions and listened to the Silsden Town Brass Band. Cream teas were served and a packed marquee and field full of stalls provided much to see, do and buy.

Addingham brought its Tour de France Committee onto the field to thank them with a public round of applause and then asked them to count the fell runners down to the start of the fourth Gala Day fell race, a field of 50 runners heading off in high heat and humidity for the top of Beamsley Beacon.

A raucous tug of war contest saw the village girls beat the boys, and the village women beat the men –the girls and ladies were determined to triumph and packed their side of the rope to secure a win. Towards the end of an idyllic afternoon 500 brightly coloured racing balloons sold to raise funds for Addingham Scouts floated high above trees bound for who knows where and the afternoon drew to a close.

Each year the organisers distribute profits from gate receipts to local not-for-profit groups in the autumn. Application forms can be found in village outlets from mid-September. In 2013 £2750 was distributed to around 30 organisations.

Addingham Gala competition results

Best Business Frontage: 1 Precision Plastic Ball Company, 2 AJ Hird, 3Hadfield Photocraft. Best Residential Frontage (individual): 1 30-36 Main Street, 2 178 Main Street, 3 Townhead Farm. Parade: 1 Addingham Pre-School Playgroup – Hook a Duck, 2 Addingham 1st Brownies – Snakes and Ladders, 3 Addingham Guides – Pack of cards. Fancy Dress under 9s: 1 Heather Crulla, 2 Lenny Hatch, 3 Findlay Squires. Fancy Dress 10s and over: 1 Stewart from the Swan. Knobbly Knees: 1 Hannah Naylor, 2 Lindsay Ackroyd-Hunter, 3 Peter Moffat. Dainty Ankles: 1 Lindsay Ackroyd-Hunter. Dog show (large breed): 1 Betty – golden retriever, Zara Gonzalez; 2 Max – black Labrador, Ms Nunnoch; 3 Benji, Lynne Boreham. Dog show (small breed): 1 Chloe – spaniel, Mrs McMullen; 2 Tammy – Yorkshire terrier, Julie Duerden; 3 Lassie –Westie, Mrs Adams. Waggiest Tail: 1Barney – Shitzu-Jackapoo, Michelle Naylor. Best in Dog Show: Chloe –spaniel, Mrs McMullen. Pet show owner 0-9: 1 Peta – rabbit, Thomas Edwards; 2 guinea pig, Mollie Littlejohn; 3 guinea pig, George Littlejohn. Pet show: owner 10+: 1 Francoise – tortoise, Freya Russell; 2 Hoppy – rabbit, Callum Edwards. Best in Pet Show: Peta – rabbit, Thomas Edwards.

Handicraft Competitions

Best in Show: Esme Roberts, age 8, Room in a Shoebox. Drawing (5-8 years): 1 Harry Mayo, 2 Charlie Overend, 3 Sophie McMullen. Drawing (9-16 years):1 Ella Glover. Decorated Stone (up to 4): 1 Emily Townsend. Decorated Stone (5-8 years): 1 Thomas Townsend, 2 Freddie Hey. Decorated Stone (9-11 years): 1 Charlie Hey. Decorated Stone (12-16): Ella Glover. Lego/Knex Model (5-8 years): 1 Freya Bryden, 2 Charlie Overend, 3 Evie and Annie Truluck/Esme Robson. Lego/Knex Model (9-11 years): 1 James Varney. Jam Tarts (up to 4 years): 1 Amy Overend. Jam Tarts (5-8 years): 1 Charlie Overend. Flowers in a Wellie (up to 8 years):1 Sophie Knight. Victoria Sandwich (adult): 1 Jane Robson. Room in a Shoe Box (5-8 years): 1Esme Robson. Scones (up to 8 years): 1 Finnbar Sharp, 2 George Littlejohn, 3 Beatrix Sharp. Scone (6-16 years): Molly Littlejohn.

Addingham Gala 2014 Children’s race results

Flat race: Pre-school/Reception: 1Harry Mayo, 2 Ava Greenwood, 3 Thomas Townsend. Years 1-2: 1 Robbie Murray, 2 Nicholas Archer, 3 Charlie Wilson. Years 3-4: 1 Evie Truluck, 2 Molly Littlejohn, 3 Hannah Naylor. Years 5-6: 1 Freddie Gape, 2 Joe Rutter, 3 Jack Wareham. Egg and spoon race: Pre-school/Reception: 1 Georgina White, 2 Harry Mayo, 3 Lexie Greensmith. Years 1-2: 1 Annie Truluck, 2 Prada Braithwaite-Crossley, 3 Megan Greensmith. Years 3-4: 1 Molly Littlejohn, 2 Ffion Williams, 3 Sophie Knight. Years 5-6: 1 Sam Akers, 2 Dan Mortimer, 3 James Mulligan. Three-legged race: Pre-school/Reception: 1 Harry Mayo/Matthew Young, 2 Zac Beresford/ Oliver Khoneiry, 3 Connor Douglas/Elliott Harrison. Years 1-2: Grace Varney/Anna Mulligan, 2 Prada Braithwaite-Crossley/Megan Greensmith, 3 Nicholas and Jonathan Archer. Years 3-4: 1 Molly Littlejohn/Ellie Wilson, 2 Evie Truluck/Esme Robson. 3 Madeleine Harrison/Tillie Harrison-Moore. Years 5-6: 1 Freddie Gape/Dom Holland, 2 James Mulligan/James Varney, 3 Freya Williams/Briony Moffat. Parent/child wheelbarrow: 1 Matthew and Phil Young, 2 Annie and Michael Truluck, 3 Charlie and Anne Wilson.