Ladies’ Day by Amanda Whittington

Performed by Addingham Drama Group

ADDINGHAM Drama Group’s latest production was a rip-roaring success. Skilfully directed by Gill Stead and Hilary Rundle, ‘Ladies’ Day’ was both comic and poignant.

‘Ladies’ Day’ is the story of a group of working class women from Hull who take a trip to Royal Ascot the year it relocated to York. The four female actors- Denise MacGregor, Jane Aldridge, Becky Hill and Carol Butler- were excellent. They captured the vulnerability of their characters and were instantly believable. Acting drunk on stage is always tricky, but I especially enjoyed Jane Aldridge’s convincing performance.

Cameo roles were played by Brian Falshaw, Mike Denby, David Tomlinson, Hugh Lambert and promising newcomer Neil Holt. A particular highlight was David Tomlinson’s portrayal of downbeat Irish jockey Patrick.

As ever, Addingham Drama Group offers a warm welcome to its audience. Their next production is ‘Duets’ by Peter Quilter to be performed in October. A read through will be held in The Swan, Addingham at 7.30 on Tuesday 15th July. Anyone interested in performing or helping backstage is most welcome to come along. For further information contact Chris Benstead on 01943 830301.

Reviewed by Luke Lambert