WALKING the Petite Chartres Labyrinth closed the ‘Flowers on the Full Moon’ event in Ilkley on Friday.

The moving, closing ceremony was accompanied by Julie Darling’s beautiful Celtic Harp music.

People had come from all over the country, to join with local people, in this day to focus on the power of flower and vibrational essences, including the Bailey Essences, Celtic Harp Essences and Verbeia essences and body care range, which are all made locally.

There were discussions about how essences work, how they combine with other modalities of healing and how to make an essence.

A new essence was made during the day which was preserved and bottled and placed at the centre of the labyrinth, to be collected when people arrived at the centre of the labyrinth and held by each individual, as they walked the path back out from the centre of the labyrinth.

This particular labyrinth was made by local creative, healing artist, Linda King, who said: "Labyrinths are not like mazes; you cannot get lost; you just trust the way. The labyrinth is one of our great, universal symbol. Following the path can be relaxing, calming and enjoyable and we can often return with a greater sense of ease, lightness and joy, having left some of our worries behind on it."

The ‘Flowers on the Full Moon’ day was the first major event to be organised by the Therapists of Ilkley group and it took place on Friday, June 13at the Craiglands Hotel. The Therapists of Ilkley group now numbers over 100, meets monthly and exchanges information on healing and health matters.

Founder of the group, Jenny Howarth, said: "The group is a very loose and easy network, and we have developed a strong, shared aim to bring Ilkley back on to the map as the ‘Healing Centre of the North'. Look out for our next event, or contact Jenny on jenny@ilkleycomplementarytherapies.co.uk"