Addingham Patients Participation Group has arranged an information meeting, open to all, to learn more about the concerns associated with young people who experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Diana Wontner-Smith, of Addingham Patients Participation Group said: “The dangers involved, which include long-term risks to physical and mental health and criminality, have been highlighted in many reports in recent years. Yet peer pressure, advertising and availability mean that many young people nowadays have more chance than ever of engaging in dangerous behaviour that may have long-term effects on their life chances or their health.

“Many parents and grandparents are worried that they may not recognise the signs and symptoms of a young relative who is experimenting with drugs or binge-drinking, or where to go for advice and help.

“Staff from Project 6, who provide treatment, support and information for people who have difficulties with substance misuse, will speak at the meeting. They will talk about the work they do in schools and colleges, as well as helping identify the signs to look out for.

“Other speakers will represent legal, medical and police viewpoints. There will be opportunities to ask questions or pick up useful leaflets.

“This important and interesting event will be held on Wednesday, April 30, at St Peter’s Church Hall, Addingham, starting at 7pm.”