Following on from a talk on care home fees in January, the Ilkley office of Wilsons Solicitors will be holding a further monthly free legal discussion group at the Clarke Foley centre in Ilkley on Monday, February 17 starting at 1pm.

This month’s subject is consumer law and the small claims court.

Steven Murgatroyd, of Wilsons Solicitors believes recent changes to the small claims courts mean the consumer has more opportunity than ever to seek assistance through the court system if they are not satisfied with goods purchased or services provided.

“The financial limit for small claims cases has been raised from £5,000 to £10,000,” he said. “This means that claims can be brought by consumers up to the value of £10,000 without the fear of having a large amount of costs awarded against them if they were to lose.

“Alternatively, if you succeed you will not recoup any of the solicitors fees you have paid out.

“Also, monetary claims are either made online or via Northampton County Court, whose correspondence address is in Salford! So we will be looking at how to make such a claim as well as taking questions from the floor on any consumer related subject.”

The forum, which is free to attend and open to everyone, takes place at the Clarke Foley centre in Ilkley and lasts for one hour.