Ilkley Film Festival has just announced a change to the schedule of a sold-out film with music concert.

Organisers want to make everyone who has bought tickets to the British Sea Power supported From the Sea to the Land Beyond film screening aware that it has to start 10 minutes early - 5.50pm (as opposed to 6pm) this Saturday (same day as advertised).

Meanwhile, Booths supermarket in Ilkley has donated £1,000 towards the town’s first-ever film festival and been crowned sponsor of the special regional premiere of The Book Thief.

The long-anticipated film can be watched by visitors weeks before it hits cinema screens at a special premiere on Saturday at Ilkley Film Festival.

Based on the beloved international bestselling book, The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, an extraordinary and courageous young girl sent to live with a foster family in Second World War Germany.

The Book Thief is a life-affirming story of survival and of the resilience of the human spirit.

Ilkley Booths store manager, Atholl Robertson, said: “Working with and supporting local community events is of great importance to us and we are thrilled to be able to support such a worthy and exciting event which will bring a great deal of pleasure and entertainment to local residents. We hope to see lots of customers coming into store for their pre-film snacks and I am looking forward to catching a film or two myself.”

The festival begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday.

Actor Ray Winstone, who has had to pull out of a planned visit to Ilkley, offered his support for the event.

He said: “My film career has taken me to Yorkshire on a few occasions and I know how important both film and heritage are to the local community.

“Having a film festival in Ilkley is another chance to celebrate the diverse and interesting nature of film and to watch things you wouldn’t normally have the chance to see. This is the kind of festival where you get to meet normal everyday people who just enjoy watching films, who aren’t necessarily there to over-analyse, but are there for their passion of cinema, to get lost in the world of the film.”



Tokyo Sonata, 12A, 4.30pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 Philomena, 12A, 4.30pm, King’s Hall, £5 Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns, Paul Merton and Neil Brand, 120 mins (with 15 mins interval), 7pm, King’s Hall, £15 Cinema Paradiso – 25th Anniversary Special, PG, 7pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 When Harry Met Sally – 25th Anniversary Special, 15, 9.30pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 Only Lovers Left Alive, 9.30pm, King’s Hall, £5


A Private Function, 15, 11am, King’s Hall, £5, with director Malcolm Mowbray and star Bill Paterson in conversation as part of the film’s 30th anniversary celebrations Harakiri, 15, 11am, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 Plot for Peace, 2pm, The King’s Hall, £5 We Are the Best!, 2pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 Mark Herman Directing Masterclass with screening, 60 mins masterclass + screening 4.30pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 inc. screening From the Sea to the Land Beyond, U, 6pm, King’s Hall, £15, with live accompaniment by British Sea Power Lad: A Yorkshire Story, 12A, 8pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5


Ilkley Through the Ages Yorkshire Film Archive, 90mins, U, 11am, King’s Hall, £5 The Ear - 25th Anniversary Special, 12A, noon, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 Tim’s Vermeer with Q&A, 1pm, King’s Hall, £5.

Believe, PG, 2.30pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 The Armstrong Lie, 3.30pm, King’s Hall, £5 The Rocket, 12A, 5pm, Ilkley Playhouse, £5 The Sea, 6pm, The King’s Hall, £5 The Selfish Giant, 15, 8pm, Ilkley Playhouse, Ilkley Film Society screening Metropolis with Live Accompaniment, PG, 8.15pm, The King’s Hall, £5, with piano accompaniment by acclaimed BFI pianist Stephen Horne.

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