A band is releasing 52 singles in a year in a bid to raise money for the homeless.

The three piece jam band Egokiller is aiming to release one single per week to raise as much money as possible for people who are destitute.

Band member Bryan Diggle, who is a former pupil of Guiseley School, said they were trying to prevent people suffering or dying by helping Shelter, The Big Issue North and Crisis.

The band is about halfway through the mammoth effort – and they are asking for more support. “We are trying to raise as much awareness as possible for the charities,” Bryan said.

“To combat this we are about to introduce a new £1 a month subscription to the 52 singles – or £10 for the year in one go – and also getting CDs printed so people have a physical copy.

“The dream is to be able to give as much money to the charities to help the people caught in what could be the worst winter in 60 years after one of the worst financial slumps in history.”

He said all profits will go to the three charities. The band will continue to collect money for the homeless after the release of the last single up until New Year’s Eve 2014.

Bryan stressed: “Like all of us, charities are under increasing financial pressure right now with more and more people becoming homeless while there is less and less Government help.”

The band has previously released a charity single in aid of the Cancer Vaccine Institute and has played shows in aid of The Dogs Trust, Cloth Cat, Hollybush Conservation and Unity Day.

Go to egokiller.co.uk.