A clinical hypnotherapist is inviting people who care for dementia patients to take part in free sessions to help them relax and feel good.

Rachael Armstrong, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and member of National Council of Hypnotherapy, who works within The Happiness Centre in Ilkley, says supporting carers makes sense, as 96 per cent will suffer health and well-being problems as a result of caring.

“Without adequate help and support, the stress of care-giving leaves people vulnerable to a wide range of physical and emotional problems, ranging from heart disease to depression,” she said.

“This affects the ability to provide care. It hurts both the carer and the person being cared for. The key point is that care-givers need care too.”

Rachael, who also provides hypnotherapy for dementia patients, said her interest in the treatment started through meeting people using self-hypnosis to successfully heal illness and relieve stress.

“These carers had fallen ill themselves after prolonged caring for loved ones through long-term illnesses including Alzheimer’s,” she said. “It reminded me of the strain on my mother throughout caring for my grandmother who lived with us during her Alzheimer’s disease.”

Now Rachael wants to help others in the same situation as her mother by passing on tips to tackle stress.

“I am inviting carers and older people to free sessions to help them relax and feel good,” she added. “This is through free talks and sessions at which people can gain practical tips to help them take time out, relax, tackle stress, boost their energy levels and think positively.

“The sessions will include an informal introduction to hypnotherapy for dementia treatment, a chance to ask any questions and then a group relaxation session.

“I will be there to talk to people about any specific stress or anxiety issues they may be experiencing and offer advice to help alleviate this.

“Alternatively, I can give talks specifically on the use of hypnotherapy for dementia treatment should people be looking for guest speakers.”

Anyone who wants to take part or would like further information can contact Rachael on 07851 906696, or e-mail her at Rachael@progressthroughhypnosis.co.uk