Updated: Crane falls into canal at Apperley Bridge

11:52am Friday 1st February 2013

A large crane has fallen into a Bradford canal.

It came to rest upside down in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Apperley Bridge.

Workers in fluorescent jackets could be seen at the site today, where the crane was on its roof under the water, with its wheels in the air.

Part of the towpath has been fenced off until the crane is removed from site, but it is not yet known when this will happen.
The crane is designed to lift 90 tonnes, although it weighs around 64 tonnes.
Vince Moran, operations director at the Canal & River Trust, said “First and foremost I am thankful that the driver or anyone nearby wasn’t injured.

“When planning and undertaking heritage repairs to any of our waterways we take steps to ensure that they meet stringent safety measures.
“Of course we need to understand why this particular patch of towpath gave way and will urgently review the circumstances behind this rare incident and apply any lessons learned from it.“

One passer-by said: “There’s a lock nearby and I think it might have been carrying out repair work on that. It looks like part of the canal towpath has collapsed and the crane has gone crashing into the water. It’s quite a mess.”



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