Two new benches were unveiled in Addingham last, one of which will mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The first was the Jubilee bench, which was erected as a symbol of the weekend in July to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond year.

The bench was organised by the Jubilee Committee ran by Mike Bolton.

Mr Bolton co-ordinated the Jubilee celebrations on behalf of Addingham Civic Society. He said: “Thanks to some very generous sponsorship from a number of local people and organisations, in particular from Addingham Millennium Charitable Trust.”

The weekend was free and the surplus money generated was used to buy the bench as a lasting memory of the event.

This bench now sits at the end of Park Crescent, at the junction with Church Street, with views across the valley and Addingham Moorside.

The second bench was arranged by Addingham Parish Council in memory of Peter Marshall OBE, who raised millions of pounds for good causes in Yorkshire, but sadly passed away last year.

A short unveiling ceremony was held with Mr Marshall’s widow Pam Marshall and his son William, who were delighted with the tribute.

Mr Marshall was a well-respected member of the community and the work he undertook will be remembered for years to come.

The bench was placed on Bolton Road by the junction next to Mount Hermon Church.

Addingham Garden Friends also created a flower planter to put next to it.