A researcher is appealing for help to trace the history of this ‘ghost sign’ in Otley.

John Rymer is photographing and documenting old painted advertising signs on buildings across the country – and reckons this example on Boroughgate is “probably the best I have ever seen”.

The sign is a full wall advert for cigarettes and tobacco, but Mr Rymer, from Saltburn by the Sea, has been struggling to find out anything more about its past.

He said: “I have a project to photograph and document ghost signs and, where possible, I try to post the history of the business as well as of the photograph.

“But an internet search drew a blank on this one, so that’s where I wondered if Wharfedale & Aireborough Ob-server readers could help.”

Anyone with inform-ation that could help is asked to send an e-mail to g.signs@aol.com or johnrymer@ntlworld.

com, or to visit facebook.com/Ghost SignsUk, where Mr Rymer has set up a Facebook page dedicated to his project.