It was a typical British summer for the children at Ashlands Primary School this week with the rain on Thursday and Friday linking in nicely to their seaside-themed enterprise week.

Everyone at the school in Leeds Road, Ilkley, spent the week thinking about enterprise, with the children making, baking and coming up with money making schemes linked to the seaside theme.

Sand was delivered, there were fish and chip for school dinner and even visitors from the Donkey Sanctuary.

“It is a great opportunity for the children to learn in a practical way, develop skills by working in a team and being creative about what they could make and sell,” said Andrew Soutar, head teacher. “Learning is made more memorable by having these unforgettable occasions in school, it really is what you remember for the rest of your life.”

The profit made by each class is used to buy something that the class agree on or goes towards a treat for them.

Mrs Caroline Pope, assistant head and Year 6 teacher, organised the week and was instrumental in helping everyone to enjoy the whole process.

“Enterprise week is great, if a little tiring, because it allows every child in school to apply their learning to a real life situation,” said Mrs Pope.

Lyra Fraser, from Year 3, said: “I liked the fact that we all taught each other how to do things.

“Darcy taught everyone how to make fishtail bracelets.”

Alex Tomlinson, a member of Year 6 said: “I really enjoy selling things and looking around to see what other classes have been doing.

“I have organised a rota for everyone on my stall and we have all been working together.”