BOGUS Yorkshire Water officials have ransacked a woman's home after tricking their way inside.

The two men escaped with money and jewellery from the house in Horsforth after calling round at 11pm on Tuesday and claiming that a pipe had burst outside.

Now a warning to other residents has been sent out by the Horsforth Live at Home Scheme, which helps elderly people in the area.

A spokesman said the woman had been left very upset by the "distressing" incident, and warned others not to fall victim to a similar crime.

The Live at Home Scheme has issued a series of measures to help keep people safe from bogus callers.

Householders are advised to:

*Always use a chain, if possible, when answering the door.

*Ensure other external doors are locked before opening the front door, to prevent criminals using distraction techniques and sneaking in through a side or back door.

*Check the credentials of anyone claiming to be from a utility company or similar organisation.

* If phoning to check the identity of a caller do not use the telephone number on their ID card. Use a number from a recent bill or telephone directory.

Anyone on Facebook can follow the Safer Project - - a Leeds based scheme working with West Yorkshire Police to prevent scams and frauds.