A BYGONE era is captured in this shot of the Wharfedale Observer rolling off the presses in Otley.

Although undated it appears to have been taken in the mid-20th century. Packers can be seen preparing the newspapers for dispatch to newsagents shops throughout the area.

In the second photograph a flamboyant character on a horse was photographed in 1963. Sadly no details remain with the picture.

First World War Sentences by Richard Thackrah

"Profit and Loss" a drama by F.H. Maltby, shown at Ilkley Picture House.

Middleton Estate sale at Middleton Hotel by Heppers:1,500 acres in total. There was a large attendance but only six of the lots sold publicly. It contained freehold farms, residential sites, woodlands and ghylls. Dean Foot Farm Nesfield sold for £2,250; a cottage garden and orchard abutting Hunger Hill sold for £240; a building site in Middleton and two cottages and outbuildings bought for £550 and two cottages were also bought in Middleton village for £390.