STUDENTS at Horsforth School have presented £1200 to military charities after a sponsored swim.

Year 11 student Ethan Wright handed over £600 to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and Year Seven student Thomas Mcilmoyle presented the same amount to the Horsforth World War One 100 Years project.

"This money came from the sponsored swim that about thirty of us in year seven at Horsforth School did recently," Thomas said.

Ethan added: "As captain of the school team I was delighted to see so many year seven children taking part in this fundraising. Thomas did very well - his own contribution was over £ 300."

Teacher James Bovington, who organised the swim, said: "Thomas and the others in his year were enthusiastic and rose to the challenge raising a significant sum of money for these locally based groups, strengthening the already excellent relations between school and town."