SELF-STYLED 'lipstick socialist' Bernadette Hyland has addressed a packed meeting in Otley.

The journalist, who runs a blog under that title about women, class, culture and history, spoke at the Philip Coyne Labour Rooms on Sunday, May 7.

In a question and answer event that was introduced by Labour Party Women’s Officer Christine Knight, the writer focused on how women can achieve change in their lives despite obstacles.

She said: "Many women do isolated and undervalued jobs, for example as paid carers or teaching assistants, or are on zero hour contracts in catering or retail.

"We can make things happen by getting together and organising and social media is a great tool, but it's important to meet face-to-face, get a small group together and then connect with other groups and networks of women who can support you.

"Historically, many of the changes women have achieved have started from small groups, and knowing about women’s history of organising helps our self-respect, confidence and sense of identity."

She also stressed the importance of women to be active in trade unions to get their voices heard and secure improved working conditions.

Hosted by Otley and Yeadon Labour Party, the talk drew women from a wide range of groups including trade unions, Women Against Pension Inequality (WASPI) and Behind Closed Doors.