THE exhilarating German thriller Victoria is Ilkley Film Society's next screening on Sunday, May 21 (8pm, Ilkley Playhouse).

Late at night in Berlin, a young woman from Madrid meets four local men outside a club. When they promise to show her the “real city” she decides to tag along, but finds that part of the night's activities requires the urgent repayment of a debt to a local criminal.

Director Sebastian Schipper pulls off the astonishing feat of shooting the entire film in a single continuous take, something that was technically impossible when movies were actually shot on film. At the German Film Awards, Victoria swept the board with prizes for best film, direction, cinematography, actor, actress and musical score!

Non-members are requested to reserve tickets (£4) by phoning Dave Howell on 01943 430097. More information about the Film Society’s current season can be found at . Non-members who wish to enrol for the next season should email