PEOPLE who are away and unable to vote in person on June 8 have until Tuesday, May 23 to register for a postal vote.

Alternatively, people who are away or unable to get to a polling station, can apply for a proxy vote. This means that they can appoint someone to vote on their behalf. The proxy has to be someone who is registered to vote in the same election.

The deadline to register for a proxy vote is Wednesday, May 31. If you already have a postal vote and wish to change this to a proxy then the deadline to do this is Tuesday, May 23.

Kersten England, Chief Executive of Bradford Council and Returning Officer, said: “There are many people who for a range of reasons will be unable to vote in person. But this should not stop them from taking part in the election. A postal or proxy vote means they can still have their say.”

To register for a postal or proxy vote, go to or contact Electoral Services on Electoral Services on 01274 431360.