A CLEAN UP will take place in Burley this weekend to prepare the village for the Tour de Yorkshire.

The environmental action day will be held on Sunday, April 23. It will concentrate on Iron Row down to the the underpass.

A statement from the parish council said: "Now we all know Burley is normally a really clean place and Chris, our road sweeper, is the unsung hero of Burley, but sadly Bradford do not clean everywhere mostly because some areas are not adopted.

"One of these places is Iron Row so next Sunday why not spend some time cleaning Iron Row down to the underpass? This will help tidy up the village ready for Yorkshire Le Tour on April 30.

Meet outside Queens Hall at 10am gloves and gear provided plus coffee or tea afterwards."

Councillor Stuart Bottomley Chairman of the Committee and Environment Committee added:

"Burley is normally very clean but let’s make our village look even better for Yorkshire Le Tour."