Plans for hundreds of new homes which would "radically change the character of Bramhope" are set to be turned down at a meeting next week.

Leeds City Council planners are being recommended to refuse permission to the Miller Homes scheme to build up to 380 houses and a convenience store at Breary Lane East.

A report to the city plans panel describes the development as "premature" and adds: "The suitability of the site for housing purposes needs to be comprehensively reviewed as part of the preparation of the ongoing Site Allocations Plan."

Councillors will also hear that part of the site could potentially be needed for a new school, and that the development is not felt to be acceptable in terms of its impact on the highway network.

The scheme has prompted widespread opposition, with more than 800 objections from members of the public as well as from councillors.

Adel and Wharfedale Councillor Barry Anderson said: "I am extremely pleased that the Planners have recommended refusal on this site, like other sites in my Ward it is far too premature to bring forward at this time. In respect of this site it does not meet the criteria for the interim housing delivery policy and that has been recognised in the recommendation. A number of the issues I have consistently argued with the planners about have been used in the refusal – highways concerns, education concerns, no alignment with current policy on size of sites, access to public transport and walking distances to public transport.

"This is not to say that the battle to save this site is over, the developers may appeal the decision and a Planning Inspector will have to decide on the suitability of the site at this time. However, my colleagues and I with the continued support of the Parish Council and the residents of Bramhope will continue to fight against development on this site."

The recommendation is also being welcomed by Bramhope and Carlton Parish Council.

Council chairman, Denis Johnson, said : "The conclusions reached by the planners vindicates the objections made by the Parish Council and over 800 local residents. A development of this size would result in huge problems in the Bramhope area and has galvanised local opinion more than any other in recent times.

"As an example, the A660 is already one of the most congested roads in Leeds and the additional traffic that would be generated by these houses would have exacerbated an already bad situation. In addition little thought seemed to have been given to the additional infrastructure that would be needed to support an increase of Bramhope’s population by at least 20 per cent. In particular the village school is already oversubscribed with some local children not being able to be admitted. Such a large scale development would make this even worse.

"The decision regarding this application is now to be considered by a Plans Panel of City Councillors and the Parish Council and many local residents will be hoping that they support the planners views. It is still possible that Miller Homes will appeal if they are finally refused permission but the Parish Council is firm in its opposition to such large scale development in Bramhope."

But the developers have stressed the scheme will bring benefits to the area including parkland, ponds and a convenience store, as well as ease the housing shortage in Leeds.

When the proposals were first put forward, Tim Williams, strategic land manager for Miller Homes, said: “At present Leeds has a significant shortfall of housing and we believe that our proposed development of high-quality family homes will help reduce this.

"We are also aware of concerns regarding traffic in the area and have proposals to address these."