Former Ilkley Grammar School and Guiseley High School students are among the Craven College students celebrating their successes across a wide range of A Levels.

A Level students at the College in Skipton have together achieved an overall A2 pass rate of 98 per cent and 100 per cent pass rate in 19 different subjects - Business, Citizenship, English Language & Literature, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Fine Art, French, Geography, Geology, Graphics, History, Human Biology, ICT, Media, Photography, Psychology and Textiles.

Former Ilkley Grammar student Caitlin Woods is thrilled with her A*’s in Biology and Extended Project and A's in Sociology and Psychology. Caitlin suffered with glandular fever before and during her exams and had to sit some of her exams at home with College support. She is taking a gap year to teach in South America.

Caitlin said: "The supportive atmosphere and the great tutors were the best things about the College."

Former Guiseley High School student Charlotte Ridley has achieved fantastic results despite starting the year with four months off College due to health issues. Charlotte achieved A, C, C in sociology, psychology and English Literature and is going to the University of Cumbria to study Mental Health Nursing.

Charlotte said: "The continual support from both staff and students services and the friendly atmosphere have been brilliant. I have really enjoyed the fresh approach to learning in order to progress my chosen career. A huge thanks to all the staff who have helped me."

Former Ilkley Grammar School student Oliver Jackson is very pleased with his results of A*, A, B, C and is going to Norwich University of Art to study Graphic Design.

Robert Bellfield, principal, Craven College, said: “I am delighted with our A Level results which show just how hard our students and staff have worked to achieve their goals. Craven College has built a reputation of being a successful, innovative, caring College which attracts students from a wide geographical area.

"Our tutors, many of whom hold post graduate qualifications, alongside industrial and commercial experience, are committed to helping our students fulfil their potential, developing their social and employability skills in a friendly and safe environment to help them on their chosen higher education and career pathway.”


Craven College, Skipton A Level results 2014

A Braid, bu*,py,ma

C Brown, bi,ma,ch

M Burnley, pg,bu,

A Burrell, pg,bu

L Fielding, py,so,el

M Fox, ma,ch,ph,gl

D Gannon, fi,ms,so,en

C Ghindea, py,so,gy

A Hopkins, el,ea,fa

J King, pg,ms,tx

E Laycock, cz,fr*,bu

S Lockwood, hi,gr,art,it

G Nethercott, hi,gy,ea

C Peach, pg,fi,hi

E Peel, bu,py

R Peniket, pg,py,so,epq

N Perera, py,so*,ms

E Reynolds, pg,fi,gr,art

C Ridley, py,so*,el

SJ Simmons-Powell, pg,py,so

W Stocker, el,py,so

D Taylor, py*,so*,cz

K Taylor, py,gr,art*,en

R Tudor, py,el,fi

J Votsikas, hb,py,so

C Woods, bi**,py*,epq**,so*

H Yates, el,hi,py,epq**

J Clayton, gy,gl*,ev

G Hibbs, ch,ph,ma

N Mitchell, ma,ph,ch

A Parkinson, ma,hi,ea

W Pusey, gr,art,en,fi

H Russell, py,so

A Walsh, fr,el,ea

F Weldon, hi,tx,art,ea

T Ainslie, bu,it,ms

S Bleasdale-Clews, so*,fr,py,epq

J Croft, gy,gl*,ev

A Cunliffe, bu*,so*,it

C Forbes-Mcdade, fi,bu,ea

J Grasham, ma*,ch,ph

J Gregory, hi,so,ea

E Harrison, pg,hi,gl

T Hawkins, it,hi,cz

O Jackson, pg,gr,art**, gy

E Jackson, pg,so,el

B Kelly, cz,so,hi

K McGhee, el,hi,cz

J Proctor, bi,gy,gl,ev

S Raistrick, bi*,ma*,ch*

M Saywell, hb,it*,gl

S Snowdon, gy,gl,ev

J Stark, hi,ea

J Stuart, hi,ms,ea

L Thomas, so,ea,tx

A Walker, pg,en,ms*

C Whittaker, fi,fa,ea

G Abbas, ch*,ma,bi

M Boyes, pg,bu,tx

C Edgar, cz*,py,hb,epq**

R Egan, pg,bu,ma

S Green, so*,py,hb

K Hunt, el,ea,hi

K Jones, ma,bu

S Khan, ea*,hi*el

E Killelay, py,so,it

A Moss, hi,el,py,epq

M Myers, it,el,bi

R Ogbeide-John, ea,hi,cz

B Pearson, fi,ms

T Saya, ea,so,cz,py

N Shirazi, bi,ch,py

E Simpson, ea,so,bu

G Smith, gr art**,bu,ma

A Snell, ea,el,hi,epq

O Spurden, so,cz

C Stanley, el,ea,gl

M Tynan, pg,py,so,epq

R Wood, bu,ea,

G Wright, ms*,fi,hi

S Yasmeen, cz**,so,ea

S Young, tx,bu,pg