CREATING simple signs can help visitors find places to eat, explain the products or services a business is selling or even find medical help.

It will also help get your business noticed and make the Wharfedale experience even better for our international guests.

As well as visitors from France, large contingents of visitors are expected from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia and the USA. So, thebigword - a global, technology-enabled language solution provider based in Yorkshire - has compiled a list of handy French and German words for local organisations to utilise.

thebigword has also created ‘The Big Start’ a website and booklet designed to help businesses think about whether their literature, signage, marketing materials and services will be clear and easy for international visitors to understand.

Larry Gould, CEO for thebigword said: “We all want to create a good impression of Yorkshire for our overseas visitors, so some simple signs in their own language will help make them feel welcome."

To register with thebigword, businesses can contact them via the website or on 0870 748 8000.