NOSTALGIC entertainment from the First World War era to the 60s will take place at the temporary Studio Theatre on The Grove as part of Ilkley Summer Festival.

Those Were the Days will be the theme of the day at the Studio Theatre on Friday August 22. The theatre, with a 200-seater canopy, will be set up on The Grove for four days, and play host to a variety of music.

Events on Friday August 22 include a children's event themed around the Great War.

Ilkley singer Shirley Britton will be taking the audience from the Great War to D-Day. She will perform - Let's All Go to the Music Hall- which will cover popular music of the times, from Marie Lloyd to Bud Flanagan.

War veterans will be welcomed with complimentary tickets. To ensure a free seat, contact (01943) 602319.

Steve Barton, a comedian fresh off the pier, to bring back memories of the sixties and holidays at the seaside.

The evening will then be handed over to the Pepper Hearts.