Much-loved bluebell woods should have ‘urban park’ signs removed from them to prevent visitors trampling down more of the landscape.

Ilkley resident, Frazer Irwin, captured images of bare earth, eroded and widened paths in the woods at Middleton, north of Ilkley, a popular spot for walkers at this time of year.

Areas once carpeted by picturesque swathes of bluebells in the 100-plus acre woodland have been worn down to bare soil, he says, and what appears to be steps cut into one of the best bluebell banks in the woods.

Mr Irwin said: “I have a suggestion: Bradford Council removes the 'Urban Park' signs from the entrance to both Stubham Woods. The wording for a start is wrong. It is not a park.

“They give the wrong impression to what visitors are entering.”

He asked Ilkley Parish Council, at its meeting earlier this month to make strong representations to Bradford Council, and ask where mobile rangers were when the damage was being done.

Sue Gledhill, of Bradford Council’s Keighley Area-Co-ordinator’s office, told the meeting she would investigate the concerns.