A busy road in Horsforth is set to get a new zebra crossing to improve safety for pedestrians.

The new humped zebra crossing is planned for Brownberrie Lane, to complement recent traffic-calming measures. Children walking to and from school have to cross the busy road each day, and it is hoped the crossing will help to keep them safe in the face of heavy traffic.

Planning work for the new crossing still needs to be carried out but the proposal has been included in the Council’s programme of works for the 2014/15 financial year.

Horsforth ward councillor Dawn Collins said: “I am pleased that the proposed crossing for Brownberrie Lane is getting closer to becoming a reality. This is a busy road and pedestrians will really benefit from a humped zebra crossing to help them cross the road safely.

“The site of the crossing will be near the roundabout, because the complex movement of vehicles on and off the roundabout can make it difficult for pedestrians to read the traffic properly. I look forward to seeing the design of the scheme, and hope it is in place as soon as possible.”