Ilkley Harriers are getting set to launch their new ‘Zero to Hero’ programme where complete beginners to running will be taught the basics and will work up to a distance of 5km.

The programme developed by club chairman and qualified running coach Jane Bryant is aimed at adults of any age who would like to get out and get running but are looking for some support and guidance.

The programme is over six weeks at a total cost of £10 and will take complete beginners from zero to 5km using a mixture of walking, jogging and then running. Jane Bryant says the emphasis is on having fun and getting fitter. She said: “Taking a run can be a daunting prospect especially if you have never done it before.

“Our aim is to give people the confidence to run with the right support through using qualified running coaches and leaders in running fitness as well as some of the other club members who have a lot of experience. People give up running because they have tried to go too fast and too far in a short space of time.

“This programme will take them on a journey to fitness and give them the confidence to continue afterwards as well as advise them on the right stretches to prevent injury.”

The programme will start on May 6 at 7pm leaving from Ilkley Tennis Club. To book a place email mship@ilkley look on