More than 400 people attended an exhibition to promote the Neighbourhood Plan in Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Burley Parish Council organised the event which took place earlier this month in the Queens Hall, Burley, and then in Burley Library last week.

It was a chance for local people to tell the parish council:

  • what additional recreational facilities were required
  • where the required 200 new homes should go in the village
  • how to preserve the character of Burley, to review the suggested changes to Greenholme Mills
  • how the creation of a Wharfedale Greenway from Pool to Burley using the old railway line will help the village
  • what additional open space can be incorporated into the parish and what the local community wants for the next 15 years.

As well as 400 people attending the exhibition, the parish council also received more than 500 comments on how the Neighbourhood Plan should meet the needs of the village.

Councillor Stuart Bottomley said: “Burley has realised the value of the Neighbourhood Plan and how decisions will affect the village for the next 15 years and the numbers attending the exhibition confirmed this.”