A squad of dancers from Ilkley’s Joze School of Performing Arts have enjoyed amazing success at a dance competition, which took place at the Barbican in York on Sunday.

Fourteen dance schools from across Yorkshire and one from Manchester took part and each had eight minutes to showcase their dancing. The 27 dancers from Joze, aged from ten to 30 and including four boys, performed a single piece entitled Night At The Oscars choreographed by Jo Walters. Sue Walters, of Joze School of Performing Arts, said: “The music, from 12 different films, was skillfully and seamlessly mixed by Ned Sproston, and superbly interpreted by either soloists, duets or small groups with the rest of the ensemble in a frozen frieze around them. “All costumes were in keeping with the films represented – from Titanic and The Exorcist to Star Wars and Harry Potter.

“The dance reached an exhilarating crescendo with the two presenting ‘hosts’ 16-year-olds Andrew Rabbage and Izzy Wood, attired in full evening dress, joining in with the whole group in, firstly a ballroom section smoothly transitioning into a frenetic ‘chase’ for the coveted Oscar.

“The huge audience enthusiastically applauded and cheered when the piece came to a close and the five internationally-acclaimed judges were unanimous in their decision to award Best Overall Performance and Best Dance Concept to Joze School of Performing Arts.” As well as performing their own piece, all participants had the opportunity to take up to three workshops led by visiting guest professionals in various styles from flamenco to contemporary.

The world hip-hop champion, Belle Fisher, led the finale before the presenting of the awards and certificates by the Lord Mayor of York and the Sheriff of York.

The dancers from Joze School of Performing Arts were: Charlotte Armitage; Celine De Kamps; Melanie Thompson; Andrew Rabbage; Isabelle Wood; Charlie Murray; Livia Hammond; Abigail Roche; Daniel Burgess; Camille Ribeiro; Isabella Turner; Alice Philipson; Annie Watson; Tyne Anderson; Amelia Rudloff; Florence Cornish; Talia Meer; Ellie-Mai Driver; Katharine Oxley; Isobel Moran; Liberty Asquith; Amy Newman; Megan Thompson; Tara Hunt; Daniel Hatton; Matt Hickie and Georgia Mee.