Pavement clutter, such as A-boards and shop displays, are a major problem for blind and disabled people in the district, Bradford Council has been warned.

Now, following a forthright debate during a health and social care overview and scrutiny committee meeting, the council executive will be asked to decide whether obstructions should be removed altogether.

Councillors on the committee agreed to pass the matter to the executive for review and chairman Councillor Mike Gibbons (Con, Ilkley) added: “We must ensure this Council uses its best resources to bring about change. It is a widespread problem. We will do our best to take it as far as we possibly can.”

A blind man spoke at the meeting. He said: “This has been going on for years and years. Getting around has been getting more and more difficult.

“Give us back our pavements. We have got to come back to saying nothing on the pavement. Fudge rules mean costing money, time and discussions. Get a ruling in place. There’s no need for shoe racks, bike racks, cars or vans.”

Richard Gelder, transportation development manager at the Council, admitted dealing with businesses flouting the rules was a problem. He said: “It is a constant procession of going out to speak to the business owner, having a word, and the board being moved. But it soon returns.”