Ilkley Grammar School students have been commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day.

The whole school has been attending assemblies, where students interact in ‘learning communities’ rather than traditional school years, to explore what incredible journeys some people have taken in their lives.

Journeys was the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014, which was on Monday.

All the students took part in an exercise where they recorded their own special journey, on luggage tags.

These were all joyous, chosen journeys ranging from favourite holidays, and days out with families, to sporting triumphs.

Alice Chadwick, Year 8, said: “For people affected by war, it’s a brave decision for them to actually leave their own country.”

Charles Lister, Year 9, said: “Not everyone’s journey is a happy one; sometimes they are sad and depressing.”

Miles Charlesworth, Year 9, said: “Some journeys are long; some are stressful and many of them ended in death.”