A cafe owner who developed a former water company building close to the Cow and Calf Rocks landmark is seeking permission to extend the business and provide an internal seating area.

Toni Falconi has submitted a planning application to build a single-storey extension to the kiosk and refurbish an underground tank.

The extension would provide an internal seating area and prepare the underground space to house a hydroelectric water turbine in future.

Mr Falconi previously sought planning permission to build a £500,000 new cafe, with information display area – acting as a visitor centre – and public toilets.

The scheme was rejected by a Bradford Council planning committee, which deemed it inappropriate in a conservation area and at a site of special scientific interest, despite initial enthusiasm from townspeople and Council officers.

But he later gained permission to convert the former Yorkshire Water building to a new snack kiosk, and provide much-needed public toilets.

Ilkley architects Sense of Space, which has worked on the plans, says the scheme is to build a “modest” extension to the kiosk.

A separate application is expected to be made for the turbine.

In a design and access statement, Sense of Space said: “The planning history and previous applications have identified the key issues with development on this site.

“An extension to the existing building should enable the development to achieve some of the space proposed within the original replacement building without the negative impacts on the green belt of height and scale.”

The extension proposed is a lean-to which would stand to the north east of the current building, with a narrow glazed link, and form an enclosed external seating space There are plans to glaze over the area which would house the turbine, allowing visitors to see it at work.

Bradford Council has opened up the application to public comments.