Talks are about to get under way about setting up a credit union in Ilkley to help those suffering hardship.

Following the establishment of food bank collection points by local churches working together, there are now proposals to form a credit union in the town. A meeting of organisations involved will be held on Tuesday.

Ilkley parish councillor, Brian Mann, told the council this week there have now been 11 referrals in Ilkley to the foodbank – but also concerns that a stigma attached to using food banks could be keeping away other people eligible for help.

Parish council chairman, Councillor Mike Gibbons, said there may people in town who have had a highly paid job, but are now struggling in the difficult economic conditions.

“There shouldn’t be any stigma attached,” he said.

Foodbank donations can be made at the Booths and Tesco supermarkets in Ilkley. The food is collected by the Salvation Army in Keighley, which then distributes it as needed to those referred to the foodbank scheme.

The food is distributed from the Sure Start children’s centre in Ilkley.