Police say they will not become complacent about the risk of burglaries in Ilkley, despite a drop in the crime in the second half of December.

There were eight house burglaries in the town last month, which sparked concern for residents, plus four burglaries of other premises.

Inspector Sue Sanderson, of Wharfedale and Craven Neighbourhood Policing Team, this week said most of the offences were in the early part of the month.

“We’re not complacent. We’re continuing with all our extra patrols in the Ilkley area,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of support from our officers in the Keighley area, the road policing team have been on the roads checking cars and using automatic number plate recognition cameras.”

There were eight house burglaries in December, five of which were in Ben Rhydding during daytime, and four burglaries of commercial and other premises.

Arrests have been made in connection with two burglaries.

There were two reports of criminal damage and six just anti-social behaviour offences across the Christmas and New Year period.

There were also three thefts from motor vehicles, in which commercial vehicles containing tools were targeted.

Insp Sanderson warned people to avoid leaving tools in vehicles where possible, to make sure they are secure, and to consider security marking tools.