Ilkley Brewery’s newest recruit, American brewer Christa Sandquist will host a Rye ‘n’ Dry launch event at North Bar Social in Bondgate, Otley, on Wednesday from 5pm.

Christa will be on hand to chat about the inspiration for her signature brew while customers have a first-taste of this State-side-style beer.

With influences from the classic American cocktail made with whiskey and dry ginger, Rye ‘n’ Dry has been brewed with a combination of rye and barley grains and has ginger and orange added to give a dry and spicy finish. The end result is a five per cent red ale which is part of the brewery’s Origins range.

Christa said: “One of the areas I’m working on, as part of my new role at Ilkley, is creating new, often experimental beers that will broaden and enhance the brewery’s existing ranges. Rye ‘n’ Dry is a perfect example of this. I created the beer in small quantities using our new experimental brew kit and, once the recipe was right, we moved it into full scale production.

“It’s very exciting to see my first Ilkley Brewery beer hit the bar at North Bar’s brilliant outlets. I’ll be looking forward to hearing feedback from their craft beer aficionado customers.”

Rye ‘n’ Dry will be available for general sale from Monday, November 11, and orders can be placed direct with the brewery by calling (01943) 604604.