Advice from the mother-in-law can sometimes be hard to swallow – but in Jacqui Marchesi’s case it inspired her to set up her own food company.

When Jacqui married Enrico Marchesi she was welcomed into the heart of the family by her Italian mother-in-law Gina who taught her everything she knew about traditional local cuisine.

Now Jacqui, from Horsforth, is putting that knowledge to good use by launching her own food company – called Nonna (grandmother) Gina after her mother-in-law, who still lives in Italy.

Her new business will be hosted at Horsforth farmer’s market when it next takes place on Saturday, February 2.

Jacqui said: “Nonna Gina is my mother-in-law. When I married her son Enrico 25 years ago and moved to Bergamo in Northern Italy she lovingly taught me all the local dishes he'd grown up with to ensure the poor boy didn't starve being married to an English woman.”

Jacqui, who jokes that her mother-in-law was right to worry, added: “Setting up this stall is my tribute to her. Food from Lombardy is nothing fancy, nothing grand, just good old fashioned fare like mamma used to make. I'll be selling hearty stews and soups, side dishes and cakes from the region such as ragu' di carne, spezzatino con piselli, polenta, minestrone d'orzo, insalata di rinforzo, arancini di riso and torta di mele.”

A spokesman for the market said they were pleased to be able to support Jacqui as she started out in business.

“We want to support local producers and we wish Jacqui every success as she begins this new venture doing the thing she clearly loves,” he said.

The market, which was launched last year, is growing with three new stalls - two of which have an international flavour.

As well as Jacqui’s stall the market is also hosting a stand selling authentic Caribbean food.