Government-proposed state pension changes have been criticised by an Ilkley councillor.

Bradford councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley), who recently split from Bradford Council’s Conservative Group, but said she intended to intended to remain a member of the party nationally, says the changes would only benefit those born after 1952.

“Those already retired and those born before 1952 are being treated unfairly by the Government’s proposed pension changes,” she said.

At a recent Conservative meeting, Coun Hawkesworth, voiced her comments about the “forgotten” pensioners.

“The Government are saying that people deserve respect in old age and should be provided with a universal decent pension – but only if you were born after 1952,” she said.

“If you were born before 1952 then you will have to put up with the present arrangements.

“That means that in today’s money you will receive £40 per week less than those born after that date.

“This amounts to pretty shabby treatment on the pension front.”