AMERICA vs Britain: who will win in the battle of the films from September 15th - 21st. Quite frankly, we think it's a tough contest as this week's selection features incredible talent from both mighty countries. We'll let you be the judge of this!

Before Jack the Ripper spread fear into the hearts of Victorian London, another twisted murderer held the capital at the mercy of their brutal killings. This could be no man, but the workings of dark, mythical creature The Limehouse Golem.

To solve the mystery of who is behind these brutal murders, Scotland Yard's finest is on the case: Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy), a seasoned detective who has a sneaking suspicion that he's being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, Kildare must rely on help from a witness to stop the murders and bring the maniac to justice.

Tom Cruise puts his action hero talents to perfect use in the role of Barry Seal in biographical crime drama American Made, a pilot who is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America. Seal soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States.

We also bring you the warming portrait of an iconic and proudly Yorkshire politician in Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast. Being an MP since 1970, Skinner has certainly seen a thing or two throughout his political career and has made a name for himself through his love of mischief, his acerbic wit and Queen's Speech quips.

But this documentary brings the so-called "Beast of Bolsover" into well deserved view as it takes us back to Skinner’s Derbyshire roots, throughout his mighty career and finally, how at 85 years old, he still attends the Commons proud and strong, outlasting the likes of David Cameron and George Osborne.

Finally, we are bringing back Captain Underpants for this Saturday's Kids' Club, so just in case you missed it over the summer, here it is once again!